2018 Australian Centurion 24H Qualifying Event

Harold Stevens Athletics Track, Coburg, Victoria
21-22 April 2018

The 2018 Australian Centurions 24 Hour qualifying walk will be held in conjunction with the Coburg 24 Hour Track Championships on 21-22 April 2018. We are proud to continue our association with Australia's premier 24 Hour Track race.

As per current practice, the 2018 Centurions 24 Hour Walk event will include Racewalking Australia 100 km Walk Championships for men and women. These additional championships are run under the auspices of Racewalking Australia but are judged according to Centurion rules rather than the stricter racewalking rules.

In recent years, the Coburg 6 Hour Track Championships have been held 7 weeks before the 24 Hour event but in 2018, the 6 Hour events will be held alongside the 24 Hour Championships in April. 12 Hour Championships have also been included.

The 2018 Coburg 24 Hour Carnival timetable reads as follows

Midday Saturday 21 April 2018
Start Coburg 24 Hour Championships
Start Coburg 12 Hour Championships
Start RWA 100km Walk Championships
Midnight, Sunday 22 April 2018
Finish Coburg 12 Hour Championships
6AM, Sunday 22 April 2018
Start Coburg 6 Hour Championships
Midday, Sunday 22 April 2018
Finish Coburg 24 Hour and 6 Hour Championships
12:45PM, Sunday 22 April 2018

Online entries for all events can be made via the official Coburg 24 Hour website: http://www.coburg24hr.org