2006 Centurion 24 Hour Race Photos

22-23 April 2006
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

Here is a selection of photos from this year's race. I hope you can capture some of the excitement from viewing them. Are you tough enough to take the challenge yourself?

Jens Borello, C52 with 22:36:13

Pat Fisher

Pat Fisher, C53 with 23:10:38

Deryck Skinner

Deryck Skinner, C51, achieves another hundred with 23:23:43

Geoff Hain

Geoff Hain (number 52), alongside runner Garry Wise. Geoff, C49, achieved yet another hundred finish, this time in 23:38:25

Karyn Bollen Sandra Howarth Geoff Hain

Karyn Bollen. Geoff Hain, Sandra Howorth and Fred Baker in the night time hours.

Terry O'Neill and Karyn Bollen

Karyn Bollen and Terry O'Neill won the associated Australian 100 km walk championships.

Night time

Competitors pass the timing tent in the middle of the night.

Tim Erickson