2013 Coburg 6 Hour Championship Photos

  Sunday 10 March 2013
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

Here is a selection of photos from this year's 6 Hour race. I hope you can capture some of the excitement from viewing them. Are you tough enough to take the challenge yourself?

Michelle Thompson
Karyn O'Neill
Dawn Parris
Michelle Thompson - 55.865 km
Karyn O'Neill - 45.735 km
Dawn Parris - 43.476 km
Terry O'Neill
Steve Jordan
Saul Richardson
Terry O'Neill - 50.532 km
Steve Jordan - 46.157 km
Saul Richardson - 43.266 km
Rob Grinter
Michael Whimpey
John Timms
Rob Grinter - 41.560 km
Michael Whimpey - 39.772 km
John Timms - 38.692 km
Gary Turner
Ken Carter

Gary Turner - 38.332 km
Ken Carter - 28.535 km

2013 Coburg 24 Hour Championship Photos

  14-15 April 2013
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

Imagine walking for 24 Hours! It's a tough ask but these all did!

Michelle Thompson
Dawn Parris
Karyn O'Neill
Michelle Thompson - 184.724 km
Dawn Parris 142.521 km
Karyn O'Neill - 141.711 km
Diana Kelly
Steve Jordan
Saul Richardson
Diana Kelly - 124.795 km
Steve Jordan - 148.504 km
Saul Richardson - 139.028 km
John Timms
Doug McKay
Terry O'Neill
John Timms - 136.540 km
Doug McKay - 129.585 km
Terry O'Neill - 74.646 km
Ken Carter
Diana, Michelle and Karyn at the presentations
Ken Carter - 58.480 km
Diana, Michelle and Karyn at the Presentations

24 Heures de Rouen, Rouen, France

8-9 June 2013

Peter Bennett travelled to France in early June to defend his title in the 24 Heures de Rouen and defend it he did with a final winning distance of  213.0km. Peter's performances in this event over the years have been pretty astonishing in terms of excellence and consistency.

Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett (C 24) - 213km in Rouen

Sri Chinmoy Australian 24 Hour Track Championship, Blacktown, NSW

15-16 June 2013

Justin Scholz
Sharon Scholz
Steve Jordan
Justin Scholz (C 61) 19:43:21
Sharon Scholz (C 63) 20:06:00
Steve Jordan (C 64) 23:13:33
Anyce Melham
The 4 centurion walkers
Anyce Melham (C 65) 23:46:32
The 4 centurion walkers - Anyce, Sharon, Justin and Steve

Caboolture 24 Hour and 48 Hour Championships, Caboolture, QLD

19-21 July 2013

Peter Bennett (C 24) was in action in the Australian 48 Hour Track Championships in Caboolture in Queensland. Competing against a field of runners, Peter walked 272.114km to take 8th place overall, a good effort by any standard and only about 8km below his best. For the record, Peter passed the 161km mark (just over 100 miles) in 22:44:26 for yet another centurion effort, his 17th in total.

Peter in Caboolture
Peter Bennett (C24) in Caboolture

Australian Centurions Qualifying Event, Middle Park, Melbourne

14-15 September 2013

The 29th Australian Centurions 24 Hour walk was hosted by the Victorian Race Walking Club at their headquarters at Middle Park in mid September 2013. The event was held over a 1.25km road loop and started at 2PM on the Saturday. The race saw 6 Centurion qualifiers, the same number overall as in the 1998 qualifying event. For Peter Bennett (C 24), it was his 18th,centurion qualifier, an amazing statistic. Sharon Scholz (C 63) and Justin Scholz (C 61) walked together for the whole event and hence both have the same 100 mile time of 22:40:57 - a fitting husband and wife result. The following weekend they were back inaction running in a 100km trail race in Canberra! David Billett (C 50) and Karyn O'Neill (C 45) were nearly always on the same lap and only 8 minutes separated them at the 100 mile mark.
Peter Crump (C 66) was the sixth centurion performer and hence qualified for Australian Centurion membership, reaching his 100 mile target in a time of 23:39:40.

Peter Bennett
Sharon Scholz
Justin Scholz
Peter Bennett (C 24)
Sharon Scholz (C 63)
Justin Scholz (C 61)
David BillettKaryn O'NeillPeter Crump
David Billett (C 50)Karyn O'Neill (C 45)Peter Crump (C 66)