2008 Yearly Report

The 2008 Coburg 24 Hour Carnival was expanded in concept and spread over 2 weekends, with the 6 Hour events being held on Sunday 30th March and the 24 Hour and the 12 Hour events being held on the weekend of 19th - 20th April. 2008 Coburg 24 Hour Championship.

Coburg 6 Hour Track Championships
Harold Stevens Athletics Track, Coburg
Sunday 30 March 2008

The 6 hour races were held on Sunday 30 March. The day was perfect for ultra competition with cool overcast conditions for the 9AM start and temperatures that stayed in the mid teens for the duration of the event.  Of the 31 entries (21 in the runs and 10 in the walks), 24 made it to the start line and 23 finished the event.

In the men's walk, Terry O'Neill and Clarrie Jack battled it outfor the first 3 hours before Terry eventually broke free. From then on, it was plain sailing for Terry as he powered home with 52.983 km for a new Coburg Championship record and a new Australian M50 walk record. Clarrie hung on for second with 47.046 km ahead of Steve Jordan who walked a big PB with 45.043 km

In the women's walk, Karyn O'Neill (used to be Karyn Bollen until shemarried Terry just two months prior to this event) was anothercompetitor to do a big PB with her winning distance of 46.182 km. Thatmade a walking double for the two newly weds. Dawn Parris walked wellto take second place with 43.737 km ahead Sandra Howorth with 38.491 km.

6 Hour Walk Men 
Terry O'Neill     52.983
2 Clarrie Jack 47.046
3 Steve Jordan 45.043
4 Akex Poore 44.165
5 Rudolf Skrucany   42.976
6 Ken Carter 28.913
6 Hour walk Women
1 Karyn Bollen 46.182
2 Dawn Parris 43.737
3 Sandra Howorth 38.491

Coburg 12 Hour and 24 Hour Track Championships
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne
19-20 April 2008

A total of 48 walkers and runners contested the 24 Hour weekend. The starter's gun was fired at 10AM on Saturday morning in warm and sunny conditions. The clear blue skies continued throughout the day as temperatures quickly rose to the expected 25C and competitors struggled to stay hydrated and cool through the long first day. Melbourne then showcased its contrasting weather patterns with overnight temperatures plummeting. Finally another warm morning allowed competitors to throw off the layers of clothing and finish in beautiful autumnal conditions.

The walks also saw strong fields and the Centurions Club was pleased to see two walkers reach in excess of 100 miles.

In the Men's 24 Hour walk, Australian Centurion Andrew Ludwig led from the gun and walked without any significant breaks until he reached the 100 mile mark in 22:34:20. This wasAndrew's second centurion qualifier, following on from his initial one in 1994. Behind him, ultra runner Colin Brooks added another string tohis bow with a strong second place walk of 148.226 km, ahead of Centurion Pat Fisher with145.240 km.

The Women's 24 Hour walk was an exciting affair with South Australian walker Catherine Cox having to dig deep in the final 6 Hours of the event, eventually reaching the 100 mile mark in 23:54:28. Her 100mile time was reminiscent of the 2004 walk of Graham Watt who reached the target in 23:59:23 on this same track. Graham was on hand to acknowledge the gutsy performance and welcome Cathy to the Centurion Club as Australian Centurion Number 54.Behind her, Karyn O'Neill and Sandra Howorth took the minor medals with 129.044 and 64.000 km respectively.

The Men's 12 Hour walk saw Australian M65 walk record holder Robin Whyte win with a very impressive 84.975 km, ahead of David Attrill and Gary Turner.

In the Women's 12 Hour walk, the mother and daughter combination of Dawn Parris and Leah Stringer took the honours with 78.079 and 56.811 km respectively.


Andrew Ludwig 
Kathy Cox

The Jack Webber Trophy was awarded to Cathy Cox for the most meritorious Centurion performance on the day


24 Hour Walk 
Andrew Ludwig (C 29)  
2 Colin Brooks   148.226
3 Pat Fisher  (C 53) 145.240
4 Craig Welsh (NZ) 110.121
5 Steve Jordan  109.732
6 Phil Essam  87.725
7 Terry O'Neill  (C 18) 80.000
8 Laurie Tinson 52.400
9 Louis Commins 31.600
24 Hour Walk Female 
1 Catherine Cox 161.570
2 Karyn O'Neill (C 45) 129.044
3 Sandra Howorth     64.000
12 Hour Walk Male 
1 Robin Whyte  (C 29) 85.775
2 David Attrill 71.494
3 Gary Turner 63.476
4 Ken Carter 52.989
5 Clarrie Jack (C 4) 20.000
12 Hour Walk Female 
1 Dawn Parris 78.479
2 Leah Stringer 56.811


Andrew Ludwig  
2 Colin Brooks 15:12:32
3 Pat Fisher 15:29:34
1 Catherine Cox 14:32:52
2 Karyn O'Neill 15:26:54