2008 Centurion 24 Hour Race Photos

19-20 April 2008
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

Here is a selection of photos from this year's race. I hope you can capture some of the excitement from viewing them. Are you tough enough to take the challenge yourself?

Andrew Ludwig

Andrew Ludwig (C 25) was first to the 100 mile mark in 22:34:20

Catherine Cox

Catherine Cox (C 54) became an Australian Centurion when she reached the 100 mile mark in 23:54:28

Colin Brooks

Colin Brooks walked his first ever 24 Hour walk, finishing with a creditable 148.226 km

Pat Fisher

Pat Fisher (C 53) was next home with a distance of 145.240 km

Karyn O'Neill

Karyn O'Neill (C 45) was second in the women's 24 Hour with 129.044 km

Robin Whyte

Robin Whyte (C 29) won the men's 12 Hour event with 85.775 km

David Attrill and Phil Essam in action

Phil Essam and David Attrill on the Sunday morning

Dawn Parris in action in the 12 Hour event

Dawn Parris won the women's 12 hour walk with 78.479 km in herfirst ever 12 hour walk

Tim Erickson