Ultra Walking Rankings and Articles

We maintain a variety of documents and lists. Here are some of them

Australian Centurions Records and Rankings

Australian-UltraWalk-Rankings.pdf Full Australian ranking lists for all ultra distance walking categories.
This is very out of date now and needs a major update - it's on my task list.
24H-Australian-UltraWalk-Rankings.pdfThis is current list of all 24 Hour performances in excess of 161.500km
Australian-100Km-Walk-Rankings.pdfAustralian 100km rankings list (last updated 2011 - it's on my task list)
RWAchampionship-100K-Rankings.pdfFull rankings list for all Racewalking Australia 100km performances
Australian-UltraWalk-Masters-Records.pdf A full listing of all Australian Ultra Distance Age Group Track Records
Australian-UltraWalk-Open-Records.pdf The listing of all Open Australian Ultra Distance Track Records

Other Miscellaneous Ultra-Walking Documents

Australian-Centurions-Multiple-Performances.pdf Find out how many Centurion walks each of our Australian based centurions has done
Australian-Centurions-Full-List.pdf The list of all Australian Centurions, including all their centurion walks year by year
Walk-Run Doubles.pdf Who are our top ranking members for the 100 mile walk/run doubles
Australian Centurion Ages.pdf What ages were our Australian Centurions when they first qualified
Most Centurion Badges.pdf
An indepth analysis of the walkers with the most Centurion badges (6, 5 or 4 only). After that, refer to Rob Robertson's document below.
Sandra Brown Ultra record.pdf
A list of the 187 ultra distance events completed by Sandra Brown - sorted by category (last updated February 2018)
Sandra Brown Ultra record - year by year.pdf
A list of the 187 ultra distance events completed by Sandra Brown - sorted by year (last updated February 2018)

The following documents are maintained by Rudy Schoors

List of Australian Centurions.pdf
List of British Centurions.pdf
List of USA Centurions.pdf
List of Continental Centurions.pdf
List of Malaysian Centurions.pdf
List of NZ Centurions.pdf
Rudy Schoors maintains the full listing of all Centurion badges earned world wide.

This very interesting document is maintained by Rob Robertson

Multi Centurions.pdf Rob Robertson's listing of those Centurions world wide with the most Centurion badges (last updated August 2017)