How do I join? What's in it for me?

How do I qualify

The Centurions Club encourages ultra-distance walking in Australia. In particular, membership of this club is restricted to those walkers who have completed 100 miles of walking within 24 hours on a certified course under sanctioned competition.

For those of you who are unsure, 100 miles is just over 161 Km. The gun goes and the event starts. You can take breaks at any time you so desire but the clock keeps ticking. You may leave the course at any time provided you restart the event at the same point.

So there is no shortcut or easy way to join our exclusive club. The only way is to join us is to put on those walking shoes and get to it.....but be sure to notify us first so that we can be represented at your event and can verify the performance.

The need for ratification

All Australian Centurion performances must be verified to be legitimate walking performances and require the attendance of either qualified racewalking judges from one of the affiliated Australian racewalking clubs or the attendance of members of the Australian Centurions club who can verify the performance. If you notify us beforehand of your effort, we can try to have someone attend but cannot guarantee it. For this reason, we stage our own event each year and put our efforts into that. That is our preferred option for those wishing to qualify as Centurions.

Walking Rules and General Information

The Centurions present will judge the race from a technical viewpoint. Our judging criteria are simple. We expect each walker to walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking. We do not expect walkers to strictly comply with current racewalking rules. This is not a racewalk. Each year we see styles ranging from proper racewalking to brisk street walking. All are acceptable.

Walkers will be notified of any style infringements and we will attempt to work with that walker to help him/her modify the walking action to an acceptable mode. A competitor may be retired from the race if repeated warnings do not bring about a satisfactory modification to walking style. This is something that has never been necessary in the 30 years we have been holding such events. We have found that, on the few occasions when we have had to act,  walkers react well to our advice and are able to bring their walking mode back under control.

Walkers are permitted to wear tights in the event of inclement weather but tracksuit pants are not permitted. We must be able to see the legs properly to be able to judge the walker’s mode of walking.

And what do you get in return?

What's in it for you. Let me elaborate on the many advantages associated with membership of this elite club.

  • You become a member of the most exclusive club in Australia. Its membership currently numbers 46 people who proudly bear the title of Centurions.
  • You are awarded the highly sought after Centurions Medallion. Talk about the ultimate in badges. You can't get one by swapping or can only earn it. Each badge is engraved with your Centurion Number. /li>
  • You receive the official Certificate of membership and become a life member of the Australian Centurions Club. This club has no annual fee or any fees of any sort. It exists simply to honour the effort of its members.
  • You receive regular newsletters from me. Keep up to date with all the latest information on walking - both in Australia and overseas.
  • Your name is placed on our official honour board. This board has 59 names on it so far.
  • You KNOW that you have done something wonderful. Who can even comprehend walking 100 miles within 24 hours. It is hard enough to run it but walking is at a slower pace with less room for error or tiring.

  • Centurion Honour Board   Here is our honour board. Press here to see the honour board in all its glory