2012 Coburg 6 Hour Championship Photos

  Sunday 11 March 2012
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

Here is a selection of photos from this year's 6 Hour race. I hope you can capture some of the excitement from viewing them. Are you tough enough to take the challenge yourself?

Michelle Thompson
Karyn O'Neill
Sandra Howorth
Michelle Thompson - 54.636km
Karyn O'Neill - 45.364km
Sandra Howorth - 38.422km
Terry O'Neill
Clarrie Jack
Kim Cook
Terry O'Neill - 53.379km
Clarrie Jack - 50.260km
Kim Cook - 47.613km
Steve Jordan
Philip Sharp
John Timms
Steve Jordan - 44.492km
Philip Sharp - 43.940km
John Timms - 43.021km
Alex Poore
Ken Carter
Rudolf Skrucany
Alex Poore - 39.027km
Ken Carter - 29.459km
Rudolf Skrucany - 38.422km

2012 Coburg 24 Hour Championship Photos

14-15 April 2012
Coburg Athletics Track, Coburg, Melbourne

This brief selection of photos from the 2012 24 Hour qualifying event pay tribute to the walkers who challenged themselves over the toughest of challenges.

Rudy Schoors
Eddy Goeman
Peter Bennett
Rudy Schoors - 173.387km
Eddy Goeman - 161.318km
Peter Bennett - 161.318km
Steve Jordan
Willi Vermeulen
Martin Fryer
Steve Jordan - 157.232km
Willy Vermuelen - 155.927km
Martin Fryer - 152.241km
Kim Cook
John Timms
Lou Commins
Kim Cook - 134.694km
John Timms - 128.682km
Louis Commins - 110.849km
Terry O'Neill
Phil Essam
Sean Pender
Terry O'Neill - 88.331km
Phil Essam - 86.052km
Sean Pender - 70.499km
Ken Carter
Doug McKay
Clarrie Jack
Ken Carter - 60.132km
Doug McKay - 59.717km
Clarrie Jack - 48.105km
Gary Turner
Caroline Mestdagh
Michelle Thompson
Gary Turner - 33.591km
Caroline Mestdagh - 162.562km
Michelle Thompson - 141.097km
Dawn Parris
Diana Kelly
Sandra Howorth
Dawn Parris - 141.097km
Diana Kelly - 125.244km
Sandra Howorth - 53.496km

3 more centurion performances and another two new Australian Centurions

July 2012 was a big month for Australian walking with another 3 centurion walks and two new Australian centurions.

First to Adelaide on 14-15 July when Justin Scholz became Australian Centurion 61 with a 100 mile walk time of 22:09:03 in the South Australian 24 Hour Road Championships. Then to the weekend of 27-29 July and the annual Australian 48 Hour and Queensland 24 Hour Track championships which are always held over a 500m road circuit around the Caboolture Historical Village. Barry Loveday tried himself out in the 48 Hour walk (his first ever walking race) and he finished second overall against the runners with 283.500km, the longest distance ever walked in Australia and some 3 km further than Peter Bennett's current Australian record. Peter Bennett finished 2nd overall and first male in the 24 Hour track championship with 185.293km to set a new Australian M55 record (and he was only 1km outside his best ever Australian walk). Along the way, Barry passed the 100 mile mark in 22:37:56 to become Australian Centurion 62 while Peter passed the 100 mile mark in 20:40:22, his 16th such walk.

You can read more about these fine performances in our August 2012 newsletter or on the 2012 Results page of this website.

Justin Scholz - C61
C62 - Barry Loveday
Peter Bennett in Caboolture
C61 Justin Scholz 22:09:03
C62 Barry Loveday 22:37:56 C24 Peter Bennett 20:40:22